Welcome to Bass-Haven Rustic Campsites.

Only two hours drive from Cape Town, through magnificent mountain passes and lush citrus and wine farms, Bass-Haven Rustic Campsites is the ideal weekend getaway. Situated on a working Wine and Citrus farm in the heart of the Breedekloof Valley, the venue is exclusive, private and nestled between the orchards and the river.

Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery you can enjoy breathtaking views, take walks on the farm, explore the nearby village, go wine tasting, visit the living museums or simply relax and get away from it all. Our activity of choice of course would be FISHING!

Breede River White Fish, Barble and Eal Catch and release Paling.
All fish must be released except Barble.

Bass-Haven is open from September to June, dependent on rainfall and how high the river is flowing during the winter months.

Please note:
�No Day Visitors are allowed, unless pre-arranged.

Catch & Release Policy:
�All Bass must be released again.
�Other fish may be kept or released according to preference.
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